Together for the future of manufacturing.


We are Susaki Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of quick change systems for molds and dies.
Our company manufactures the machinery used to automatically change molds and dies, which is necessary for machinery that gives items their shape such as injection molding machines and presses.
Our company's machinery is used all around the world in a wide range of industries such as car parts and home appliances.
As an ally in the development of Japan's manufacturing industry, we strive to contribute to the manufacturing of satisfactory products.

What are quick change systems?

Quick change systems are manufacturing machinery that automatically change molds used in injection molding machines, which mold resin, and change dies in press machines, which are used for sheet metal work. Cranes and the like were previously used for changing molds and dies, which was a time consuming job, but with our company's products, we made it possible for this operation to be safe, time-saving, and manpower-saving.


Susaki's Strengths

1Completely made-to-order

2Established craftsmanship for 87 years and counting

3Proven global sales