Susaki Quick Change Systems (QCS)

Susaki Quick Change Systems are made for changing dies and molds such as press dies, which are used in the processing of metals, and injection molding machine molds, which are used in the processing of plastics etc.
Each piece of equipment is processed in our factories with precision machinery and manufactured using our abundant experienced-based skills.
We have made and sent out over 3000 mold and die change carriages to various countries and our superior functionality has been highly acclaimed by the industrial world.

Susaki QCS Operation Examples

This is an example of the movement of some of our Quick Change Systems for injection molding machines and press machines.
Mold stages are labeled with letters. Stages change in the order represented by number labels.
Compared to previous vertical mold changing, by using insertion methods, you can expect particularly quick and safe transitions.

Advantages of Susaki QCS



Normally, there is risk of injury during mold/die change operations.
When using our Quick Change Systems, we can guarantee a high level of safety.



By automating the mold/die change process, you can improve product efficiency and eliminate unnecessary steps.
*Average mold change takes approximately 3 minutes. Times may vary depending on the environment.



Our products can limit the necessary number of workers for mold change operations to the bare minimum.
You can reduce human resource costs and focus on fulfilling the number of workers needed for operations outside of mold changing.


Production Management

You can manage production based around molds using our technology.

Manufacturing flow