Our Strengths


Completely made-to-order

Our company has no catalog.
We create products tailored to our customers’ needs.
We handle everything from the design, to the manufacturing, to the delivery.
We are Japan’s only made-to-order manufacturer specializing in quick change systems.


Established craftsmanship
for 87 years and counting

We have met our customers’ various needs as a manufacturer specializing in quick change systems over many years.
Using this experience, we are always improving the knowledge and techniques of all of our workers in order to meet our customers’ needs.
We will continue to improve each of our worker’s techniques so that our customers can trust our workers and our products.


Proven global sales

We have cooperated in the global development of our customers including major automobile makers and parts makers. Not only that, we are able to deliver Susaki brand Quick Change Systems from our overseas factories.
We will continue to contribute more and more to the development of the global society.
〈Primary export destinations〉
United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand, Indonesia, England, Spain, and others.

Company facilities

Susaki Observation View